There are already 1 million people with Google Voice accounts.
June 22, 2010 – Google's telephony management application Google Voice is now open to all U.S. residents, as the company on Tuesday removed the requirement for prospective users to receive an invitation in order to sign up for the service. ( oogle
Google music store could launch this fall
At Google's I/O conference last month, the search engine offered attendees a demonstration of a Web-based iTunes competitor. (

June 3, 2010 –

Google purchased startup Invite Media, sparking concerns from ad experts, who believe Google is gobbling up too much of the online display ad supply chain. Invite Media's platform lets advertisers buy display ad space from sellers across multiple ad exchanges, such as Google's DoubleClick Ad Exchange, Microsoft's AdECN and Yahoo's Right Media, through real-time bidding.(

June 1, 2010 –

Google just released Chrome 5.0 in stable builds for Windows, Linux and Mac. This new version is much faster than previous versions and sports HTML5-based geolocation APIs and other features. If Chrome grows a full percentage point every two months, it will crack 10 percent market share by Dec. 1.(

June 10, 2010 –

TGoogle Inc. blasted Apple Inc. for imposing new rules on developers that could bar Google and other rivals from selling ads inside iPhone and iPad applications (

May 28, 2010 –

Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook lets Outlook workers shuttle their e-mail, calendar and contact data from Outlook profiles, PST files and Exchange accounts to Google Apps.(

June 6, 2010 –

 The competition between Apple and Google is getting intense as the two companies battle for Supremacy in the smartphone business. Read on to see how the latest versions of the two operating systems stack up.(

June 16, 2010 –

Google Apps Premier offers enterprises cloud-based messaging and collaboration software intended to cost less and to be simpler to deploy and manage than on-premise systems (
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May 25, 2010 –

Because the web is an active medium and television watching is not very participatory, Google will also have to integrate the social element of the web with television, and provide an even better experience than connected gaming consoles do today. (

June 1, 2010 –

"Android is 100% forward compatible — apps written properly for older versions also run on the newest versions. The choice is in app developers’ hands as to whether they want to live on the bleeding edge for the flashiest features, or stay on older versions for the largest possible audience.” (

June 4, 2010 –

"Google project manager Shailesh Nalawadi confirmed that the company's mobile visual search tool would be making its way to the iPhone "soon." He also announced that a logical next step for the app in the near future would be to release public APIs for leveraging Google's technology.” (